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The HWL Food Buying Club is proud to provide the best organic produce & natural groceries to the Elizabethtown community and beyond.

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Finding locally grown foods at reasonable prices here in Elizabethtown can be challenging. The Heartland Whole Life Buying club is your answer. As a modern day buying club, we provide superior quality, organic and farm fresh foods to Central Kentucky and surrounding areas.

Our Buying Club is a great way to meet others in the community who share a common interest in healthful living. We exchange information, articles, and recipes, becoming friends who can support one another and offer advice. We are food lovers that cherish fresh, local pastured meats, fruits and vegetables We care about clean living, our planet and our future.

We source as much local, organically grown foods as we can. We believe this is not only better for us, but helps boost our local economy as well. By supporting our local farmers, we hope to ensure the long term availability of fresh, natural foods. We offer a large variety of products, including local, organic produce; pasture-raised and grass-fed meat; free-range poultry, fresh eggs; fair-traded chocolate and coffee; wild and sustainably farmed fish; cod liver oil; artisan cheese; freshly baked bread; bulk grains and spices; environmentally safe cleaning supplies, and much more. We hope to become your one stop shopping destination.

"I am so thankful for this buying club. It has not only been a wonderful place to buy organic food and local products but it has also been a great place for me to learn how I can improve my family's diet."
Club Member, Elizabethtown, KY

"I am so grateful to be a member of this great buying club and to the ladies that run it. I now have the ability to buy foods in bulk for my family and the company choices are exceptional."
Club Member, Radcliff, KY

"I was pretty new to the whole organic scene when I started at Heartland Whole Life Buying Club. The ladies who run it are so helpful and friendly. The kids come with me on pick up days and they are so accommodating. The ability to use their buying power to purchase from bigger companies is great. I highly recommend this group."
Club Member, Fort Knox, KY

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